About Abacas™
A world-first in digital asset exchange, Abacas™ enables Asset Managers to unlock the value of static assets and trade these digitally through Assets Backed Coins (ABCs).
Fintech is finally powering Asset Management. The biggest innovation in finance since the digitalisation of assets this century, Abacas™ is creating a whole new source of liquidity by enabling Asset Managers to unlock the value of static assets and trade these freely through a new regulated, transparent and secure exchange.

Bridging the world of physical assets and digital payments, Abacas™ provides powerful solutions for Asset Managers across four key areas – risk mitigation, operational efficiency, cost reduction and revenue growth. The system also represents an opportunity to redefine the tools and processes in some of our more traditional financial frameworks.

Driven by fractionalisation, Abacas™ brings asset monetisation and direct asset trading to mainstream markets, thereby radically changing the way that an Asset Manager manages wealth globally; promoting operational efficiencies and product innovations that allow qualified asset purveyors greater freedom to focus on core business objectives.

Never before has there been an exchange that facilitates direct asset-for-asset trades (using ABCs). ABCs mark a significant step beyond making payments via digital currencies as the digital asset is hard-wired to a physical asset – far superior when it comes to performing as a trusted means of exchange.

Mitigating Risk
Already described by future clients as “transformative” to the world of finance, Abacas™ innovation provides radical new trading opportunities – direct asset-for-asset trading, asset-backed payments and the ability to trade seamlessly across asset classes.  Asset Managers can unlock the value from static assets and trade these digitally using Assets Backed Coins (ABCs) – including commodities, bonds and equities.

With ABCs, Asset Managers can exchange assets in just one single transaction, for example buy UK stocks using gold. Prior to the availability of the Abacas™ framework, this process would take up to three transactions, and up to two fund transfers – each incurring a fee.

Abacas™ brings two industries together into a single clean delivery model – a digital currency and digital asset in one. With the kernel of the exchange built, the exchange marks timely addition to the Fintech trend for challenger products, Abacas™ represents an opportunity to redefine the tools and processes in traditional frameworks.

Reducing cost
The Abacas™ team

Meet the people behind Abacas™.

Morgan McDonnell
Morgan McDonnell is the CEO of Abacas. He was formerly the Global Head, Foreign Exchange Cash & Credit Markets at RBC Dexia where he had a successful career transforming the bank's businesses and leading teams. He also led the merger of the investor service businesses of Royal Bank of Canada and Dexia Bill S.A. Prior to this, Morgan was the Head of Treasury for Bank of Montreal, Ireland where he steered the business unit to become the biggest cross-asset class propriety trading room in Ireland. Morgan brings formidable leadership skills and industry expertise to the team. During the past six consecutive years, Morgan has been the President of The Financial Markets Association (ACI UK), a global organisation which focuses on ethical conduct, education and global resolution.
Vince Small
Vince Small is the CTO of Abacas. He is a technology entrepreneur and co-founded Financial Software Systems (FSS) in 1992, which was sold to ION Trading in 2012. With a proven track record to take an idea from conception to a multi-million dollar business, it is Vince’s business acumen, experience and technical expertise that sets Abacas’ technical leadership apart. Vince developed the financial services application Spectrum, which is a front to back platform used by wholesale banks, brokers and Wealth Management banks. Spectrum supports cross asset, end-to-end transaction processing, including FX, Interest Rates, Fixed Income and Commodities.
Sarah Shilling
Sarah Shilling is Head of Communications for Abacas. Sarah has considerable experience across the public and private sectors, with proven success in leading integrated campaigns across a wide range of industries, including financial services, FMCG and hospitality. She is an award-winning marketing specialist, who has held various board-level positions. Most recently, Sarah was Global Head of Communications for hotel giant Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) and Head of Corporate Communications for Pernod Ricard. Well versed at operating locally and globally, Sarah has consulted for marketing services company Creston Unlimited and Nelson Bostock Unlimited. Sarah’s roles have included developing and executing High Growth strategies to help brands including Twilio, Zuora, Salesforce, Criteo and Signal successfully launch into the UK and Europe from the U.S.
Muriel Bourgeois
Muriel is Head of Transitions for Abacas. Specialising in project managing highly complex business transitions, she has project managed sensitive and intricate client launches at Morneau Shepell, requiring cross-silo and cross-company collaboration between I.T, business development, sales and health management professionals. Muriel also successfully led multi-million dollar integrations with Air Canada, Stantec and SNC-Lavalin. Within these projects, Muriel was the lead in identifying, examining and proposing client facing technologies and resource options to deliver robust solutions. These solutions often had to meet appropriate SLA parameters and government mandated regulatory guidelines. Muriel also brings extensive experience within CRM to the Abacas team, enabling the smooth delivery of client services to Asset Managers.
Mark Vanroon
Mark is responsible for Product Development and Innovation at Abacas. Prior to Abacas, Mark was the founder and CTO of BuyFX Limited (which was acquired by MPT Midpoint holdings Ltd), a P2P foreign exchange transactions company. He was also Global Head of Foreign Exchange Product Development at RBC Dexia Bank. Over the past few years, Mark has dedicated his career to research and product inventions in the fintech space. One of the many innovations he has developed is a foreign exchange transaction cost analysis and benchmarking application. It is this type of bespoke software that will form the basis for Abacas to validate internal and external transactions execution. Mark is continually challenging Abacas’ product capabilities as the exchange evolves to meet and exceed customer needs and expectations.
Secure trading environment
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